Cyrus Sleeper

Cyrus Sleeper’s dad—the first lobsterman of the Sleeper family—used to take his son out on the water. Nine-year-old Cyrus would band lobsters, standing on a bucket. Now that he’s grown, Cyrus commands his own boat, Centerfold.


Cyrus fishes out of Spruce Head, and despite his dad’s many lobstering superstitions—“don’t put the boat in the water on Friday, don’t paint the boat blue, don’t say ‘pig’ or ‘13’ on the boat”—the younger Sleeper is more on the practical side. “It’s hard work,” he says, “but I feel like I’m living the dream.”

In 2014, Cyrus joined a group of other young lobstermen who traveled to Prince Edward Island with the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance inaugural Leadership Institute. For two days, the lobstermen studied every aspect of Maine’s lobster industry, then met with Canadian fishermen to see lobstering in a broader context.

In October of 2015, Cyrus was appointed by the Department of Marine Resources to serve on the Board of Directors for the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative.