Peter Miller’s Maine Lobster Stew

By: Peter Miller

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For a large gathering!


  • 40 lbs of Maine Lobster (adjust according to size of gathering!) (yields 8-10 pounds of lobster meat)
  • 3 gals whole milk
  • 2 quarts heavy cream
  • 2 pints light cream
  • Butter (liberal amounts)
  • Fresh ground black pepper


Cook lobsters and pick meat out, straining and setting aside juice from lobsters as you pick them.

Sautee lobster meat and juice in butter, cooking it down.

Add fresh ground pepper.

Once cooked down, let meat cool all the way, then add cream and milk. You can warm again, being careful not to overheat and curdle the milk. Let cool and then stand overnight in fridge or cool place.

Reheat and serve – being mindful when you reheat to do so slowly so as not to curdle milk, stir while reheating and do not allow to come to a boil.