Webinar: Innovation in Maine Lobster Processing

November 7, 2019

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Spreading the great taste of Maine Lobster across the world has been the Maine mission for over a century. Today, the Maine Lobster industry not only ships live products globally, but also a bevy of easy to use, fresh and flavorful frozen lobster products. From meat to tails to ready-to-eat products, the industry has made significant strides in the processing sector, ensuring that any lobster product you invest in arrives at your doorstep with the same delicate flavor and texture we know and love here in Maine.

Tune in below to watch the live Seafood Source webinar, originally broadcast on November 6, 2019, as Maine Lobster industry veterans John Norton, Founder and President of Cozy Harbor Seafood, and Hugh Reynolds, owner of Greenhead Lobster, highlight a variety of classic, new and emerging lobster products on the market, focusing on the industry’s processing evolution from canning and brining to the state-of-the-art nitrogen and high-pressure processing methods employed today.

Download the Maine Lobster – Processing Innovations presentation.

About our Speakers:

John Norton, Founder & President, Cozy Harbor Seafood

John co-founded Cozy Harbor Seafood with his lifelong friend Joe Donovan in 1980.  He has over forty years of experience in harvesting, processing and marketing Maine seafood and used to be a commercial fisherman. He received his BA in Political Science from the University of Maine, Orono.

John and his wife recently renovated an 1890 cottage on Long Island and live there year-round. In his spare time, John enjoys cruising the Maine coast with his wife in their 38-foot lobster-style boat, Pandalus.

Hugh Reynolds, Owner, Greenhead Lobster 

Hugh is the owner of Greenhead Lobster, one of Maine’s largest purveyors of live, fresh lobster.  Greenhead ships lobster worldwide from its dockside headquarters in Stonington, known for its rich and historic tradition of lobstering.

Hugh is passionate about his work, the quality of his lobsters and above all, customer satisfaction.  His strong work ethic and demand for uncompromised quality are reflected throughout his entire operation.