Webinar: Maine Lobster – Industry Evolution and Responding to Change

June 18, 2020

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The Maine Lobster industry has a long history of innovation in how products are harvested, processed, and shipped to ensure that a superior level of quality and freshness is delivered from the sea to a consumer’s plate. This has also meant bolstering lobster offerings beyond the live lobster market to offer new product formats like pre-shucked meat, frozen raw lobster, tail meat, and more. As the food industry now faces uncertain times, this product diversity and lessons learned over the long history of the fishery has prepared the Maine Lobster industry to adapt to today’s changing consumer needs. 

Tune in below to watch the live Seafood Source webinar, originally broadcasted on June 9, 2020, as Maine Lobster industry veterans Ben Conniff from Luke’s Lobster and Mark Murrell from Get Maine Lobster share how they are adapting to the current landscape through:

  • Continued business evolution 
  • Differentiated product offerings  
  • Infrastructure growth 

Download the Maine Lobster – Industry Evolution and Responding to Change presentation.

About Our Speakers:

Mark Murrell is the CEO and Founder of Get Maine Lobster, shipping the full Maine dining experience to consumers all over the world in the forms of live lobster, lobster roll kits, lobster meat, and more. 

Ben Conniff is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Luke’s Lobster with over 30 locations across 9 US cities and internationally in Japan and Taiwan. Ben is also the author of Real Maine Food, and has written for Saveur, GQ, Tasting Table, and more.