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Records from early settlers recount tales of abundant lobster in Maine waters. While always available to those who called Maine home, lobster was not originally a popular dish. In fact, it was something that poor and working class people usually ate.

But all that changed in the 1900s. The Rockefellers built a summer home on Mt. Desert Island where they often hosted elite guest from New York society. It’s rumored that a dish meant for the servants was actually served to these upper-class guests and they loved it.

Demand increased for Maine Lobster. The Maine Lobster fishery started to flourish – and it’s been growing ever since.


As demand for Maine’s tastiest crustacean increased, Mainers developed new tools and techniques to preserve and share the fresh taste of Maine Lobster.

  • In the mid 1800s, Well Smacks – fishing vessels with tanks to circulate cold seawater – were used to ship live lobster longer distances.

  • Soon after, technology to preserve food in tin cans improved and Mainers set up local canneries.

  • By 1880, canned Maine Lobster surpassed live Maine lobster in volume and was being delivered all the way to California.

  • In the 1900s, the country was more connected by ever before with railroads. Live lobster began to be shipped with ice and moist seaweed.

  • During World War II, lobster was still considered a delicacy, so it was not rationed. As a result, wealthier Americans started to eat more lobster than ever before.

  • In the 1950s, air shipment took off and allowed people on the west coast to enjoy fresh lobster just a day after it was shipped from Maine.


The Maine Lobster industry is a part of the fabric of Maine’s coastal communities. Contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy each year, Maine Lobster is not just a culinary icon, but also an economic engine The story behind Maine Lobster is as good as the flavor experienced in every bite. Make it Maine, Make it New Shell.

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Maine’s waters are pristine and home to extraordinary wildlife, and our lobstermen intend to keep it that way. Our fishery harvests all lobster by hand, uses low-impact gear and takes precautionary measures to protect the lobster resource and preserve our marine habitat.

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