Peter Miller

Peter Miller has been fishing since he was ten years old, on a rowboat with ten traps. More than four decades later, he’s still fishing—this time, out of Tenants Harbor, on a real lobster boat named Sashe – 1962. It was the name of his dad’s boat, with each letter representing the names of Peter’s sisters.

Lobstering is a family business for the Millers, but one of recent vintage: Peter’s dad was a teacher, born and raised in New Jersey, who fished summers. He went full time in the last 10 to 15 years, and he wasn’t alone—Peter has three brothers, two nephews, and one son who fish.

Peter fishes year-round, and though it’s not the carefree fun he had at ten, he works hard every day and enjoys the reward of independence—and the lobster itself.

Peter’s favorite way to eat it? New shell with fresh garden vegetables.