Steve Train

After majoring in small business at Northeastern University in Boston, Steve Train returned to his home state of Maine, answering the call to continue his family tradition of lobstering.  The lobstering industry—home to Steve’s brother Dan, his father Ed, and at least four generations of their family—are where Steve knew he belonged.

And after fishing for more than four decades, he was right.  Steve says, “I still usually wake before my alarm excited to start the day because I love what I do.”

Steve was born in Portland and kept close to his roots—with the exception of his time at Northeastern, he’s lived there and Long Island, Maine for his whole life. A full-time resident of Long Island sine 1991, he owns and operates a 46-foot Jarvis Newman lobster boat named “Hattie Rose,” hauling 800 traps year-round.

Steve has been working in commercial fishing for his entire professional life: lobstering, shrimping, scalloping, sea urchining, ground fishing, and one winter, fishing for Cod in Alaska on a longliner.

Currently, Steve is the Governor’s appointee from Maine on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). He served on the board of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association for 16 years, and he’s a past member of the DMR advisory council and the Maine lobster advisory council, serving as chair for several years.

Steve was a selectman in Long Island for six-year— four of them as Chairman—and started a nonprofit land operating company, acquiring more than 100 acres of land on the island for use as open space and public recreational land. He currently serves as president of that board.