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Dave Laliberte

Dave may not have lived in Maine his whole life, but you’d never know it talking to him about lobster. The lobsterman and Lucky Catch Cruises captain could talk to you for hours about the storied Maine Lobster fishery – detailing its history, long-lasting legacy and measures to preserve Maine’s scenic waters. 

“I first came to Portland to study marine biology and ocean science,” said Dave, having been raised in New Hampshire by his mom, who was a teacher, and dad, who was a carpenter. “I was a young kid eager to know anything and everything about Maine’s marine life. I was – and still am – a bit of a nerd when it comes to the ocean.” 

After working at the National Marine Fisheries Service, Dave became determined to get closer to the marine life he’d spent years studying. He finally got his opportunity when he met Tom Martin. 

“Tom was looking for a sternman,” said Dave. “As someone who was eager to get out on the water, I jumped at the opportunity. And I’m so glad that I did. I don’t know what I’d be doing today if I hadn’t.” 

Dave joined Tom’s company, Lucky Catch Cruises, as a tour guide. He got his lobster license in 2009 and began fishing a few hundred traps when he wasn’t busy with tours.  

“Tom started Lucky Catch Cruises just to make a little extra money, but it became so much more than that,” said Dave. “I really love being able to share all the things I’d studied with people who are visiting Maine. I guess you could say I inherited my mom’s love for teaching.” 

As the two-man crew transitioned to giving tours full time, Dave has shown years worth of guests the ins and outs of the fishery – detailing how to catch lobster, the various species that call Maine home and the fishery’s sustainability measures. He even began to visit local classrooms to teach them about lobster after a teacher friend reached out to him. 

“I love seeing a kid’s face light up when I talk to them about the ocean and lobster,” said Dave. “Many of them have grown up around Portland, but they don’t always get to learn about all that goes into it. And their questions are great – asking if it really hurts when a lobster pinches you (YES) to what’s the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen.” 

When he’s not inspiring the next generation of ocean lovers, Dave likes to spend time with his family – going on family fishing trips or camping around the state of Maine. 

What is your favorite way to eat Maine Lobster?​ 

“Steamed Maine Lobster, particularly new shell, which means freshly molted, is my all-time favorite way to eat lobster.” 

What is the best part of living in Maine?​ 

“My favorite part about living in Maine would have to be the access to the ocean. Our waters are pristine, and it’s incredible to have the opportunity to enjoy it!” 

What makes you proud to go to work every day?​ 

“To not only have a job through which I can provide for my family but one I truly love is incredible.” 

What is special to you about Maine Lobster or the Maine Lobster fishery? 

“There are certain things that just bond the fishery. I don’t think I’ve seen this type of camaraderie or commitment to sustainability anywhere else.” 

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