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Krista Tripp

Krista Tripp has been a lobsterman for nearly her whole life – serving as a sternman for her father and her grandfather growing up. The job is practically in her DNA, and while she loves hauling traps and plans to continue, she also knew she wanted to diversify.  

“I was nervous about new regulations and obstacles the industry is facing,” said Krista. “But I also really loved the fact that oysters can give back to the environment. My family has made their living on this water and oysters can ensure more people can continue to do so.”  

Krista started to oyster farm as a way to supplement her income in 2017. Her business, Aphrodite Oysters, grows oysters over the course of three years and sells them to local Mainers and restaurants.

“My grandfather actually started lobster fishing in the river in which I grow my oysters,” said Krista. “It makes me really proud.” 

While she’s busy building a new business, don’t think she’s forgotten about her roots. She still fishes all 800 of her lobster traps.  

“I just can’t quite let go of lobstering because I love it so much,” said Krista. “Without lobstering, my oyster business would have never been possible.” 

As a wife and a mother, Krista’s efforts in fishing and farming sustainably have continued through her family. Her husband has helped her on the oyster farm, and maybe one day, her son will join her on the water as well. 

“I think my son will grow up loving the ocean as I did as a kid,” said Krista. “I’m doing everything in my power to give him that opportunity – if he wants it!!” 

What is your favorite way to eat Maine Lobster?​ 

“I think my favorite way is just by steaming it and eating it with melted butter. That way, if there’s ever any leftovers, you can then use it for something else too! There are hardly ever any leftovers though!” 

What is the best part of living in Maine?​ 

“It’s the most beautiful place in the world and just so peaceful! The sunrises, the sunsets, the beaches, the gorgeous views and, of course, the seafood!” 

What makes you proud to go to work every day?​ 

“It just makes me feel good to put in a long day of work, I feel accomplished at the end of the day, and I know I’m providing people with an amazing seafood product that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.” 

What is special to you about Maine Lobster or the Maine Lobster fishery? 

“I love the fact that we are all small business owners who have worked together to protect and sustain this industry by putting new laws and regulations in place. It is truly unique to see so many people involved in this industry who share this same way of life.” 

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