The Sweetest Valentine Is Back – Shop the Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet Kit

February 2, 2021

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a beautiful bouquet and a romantic dinner. That’s why we’re happy to bring back the ultimate treat that brings the two together: the Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet! This Valentine’s Day, treat the sweetest person in your life to the sweetest lobster on Earth.  

This unique twist on the classic bouquet is all harvested and shipped straight from the cold crisp waters of Maine and helps support the hardworking men and women of one of our nation’s oldest fisheries. 

Grilled, baked or boiled, these Maine tails are full of sweet, succulent flavor. Plus, you can style your bouquet with skewers, festive wax paper, a burlap wrap and an original Maine Lobster Valentine tag. 

Order Your Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet Kit

We’ve partnered with Lobster Trap, Hancock Gourmet and Lucky Catch to share the fresh taste of Maine this Valentine’s Day. Visit their sites for information on how to order: 

Preparing Your Valentine:

Once your bouquet arrives, an unforgettable Valentine’s Day is as easy as one, two, three: 

1. Cook Your Maine Lobster Tails

First, prepare your Maine Lobster tails according to your preference (we recommend a classic lobster boil). Follow these steps for perfectly cooked lobster tails that are sure to be the hit of your dinner:

  1. Thaw your frozen tails and place a skewer through the tail meat lengthwise (this will keep the tails from curling for optimal presentation in your bouquet). 
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat and add 3-4 tablespoons of salt (to replicate that straight from the ocean taste!). 
  3. Add your Maine Lobster tails to the boiling water. Cook times for individual tails vary by their weight. Please use the weights below for reference: 
    • 3-6 oz. cooks for 3-5 minutes.
    • 6-7 ounces cooks for 5-6 minutes
    • 8-10 ounces cooks for 6-8 minutes
    • 10-16 ounces cooks for 8-10 minutes
    • 16-20 ounces cooks for 10 minutes
  4. Cool your cooked lobster tails with ice or cold water

2. Assemble Your Bouquet

3. Enjoy an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day with Maine Lobster!