Trap to Table:
Kwame Onwuachi (Episode 2)

August 1, 2018

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Executive Chef and Creator of Kith and Kin in Washington D.C., Kwame Onwuachi rolls up his sleeves to learn how to haul traps and fish for Maine Lobster off of Maine’s remote Little Cranberry Island. After a hard day’s work, he brings his catch back to the kitchen and exposes lobsterman, Bruce Fernald, to some delicious Nigerian flavor and cooking techniques.

If you can’t get enough just watching, try Chef Kwame’s Maine Lobster Piri Piri with Gooseberries, Cucumber, and Avocado and Nigerian Jollof Rice with Maine Lobster Red Stew recipes at home.

Check out Episode 1 of Trap to Table featuring former longtime Editor in Chief of Food & Wine, Dana Cowin, and Episode 3 which features Boston’s Chef Karen Akunowicz. Get all of the chefs’ behind the scenes takes at Trap to Table: Maine Lobster Live.

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