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Sustaining Maine’s Pristine Coastlines recipe image Sustaining Maine’s Pristine Coastlines recipe image

Sustaining Maine’s Pristine Coastlines

Maine’s coastlines are picturesque. Cold clear waters surround Maine’s harbors and offer a nurturing refuge to an assortment of sea life – ranging from fish to crustaceans to mammals. The setting is serene and magical – and Mainers have worked hard to keep it that way. 

Long before sustainability became a corporate buzzword, the Maine Lobster industry already had an innate focus on preserving their way of life, the lobster resource and the ocean environment. From trap to table, their lobstering practices are a collaborative effort between the government and the private sector to ensure Maine’s coastlines and marine life stay protected.  

The Maine Lobster community harvests their lobsters the same careful way they have for over 100 years – by hand, one trap at a time – to protect the quality of the lobster and the marine environment. Some rules and regulations that help ensure the health of the lobster resource include: 

Additionally, the Maine Lobster community has strived to stay at the forefront of conservation innovations, advocating and adding new regulations as the need for them becomes apparent. The community was vocal in their opposition of legislation that would allow dragging the ocean floor for lobsters, a practice that would surely ruin Maine’s marine environments. 

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