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How to Cook Maine Lobster Tails and Products in an Air Fryer recipe image How to Cook Maine Lobster Tails and Products in an Air Fryer recipe image

How to
Cook Maine Lobster Tails and Products in an Air Fryer

Have you joined in on the air fryer craze? The small but mighty appliance has revolutionized kitchens around the globe – helping at-home chefs cut their cook times in half. 

And while you may be used to cooking salmon, chicken or veggies in the handy little gadget, did you know you can also cook Maine Lobster in minutes? That’s right! Whether from the freezer or the ocean, there are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the sweetest lobster in the world. 

Dish Up Premade Maine Lobster Products Prepare and Freeze Whole In-shell Lobster

A variety of premade meals can be bought online or in stores nationwide, including:

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Cooking Maine Lobster Tails In 5 Easy Steps

1. Prepare: Make sure your lobster tail is at room temperature. If you are using frozen lobster, defrost it in the fridge the night before so it is ready to cook the next day.

2. Cut Your Lobster Tail: Using a pair of kitchen shears or a knife, cut lengthwise through the shell. It can be butterflied (only the top shell cut) or split completely depending on how it is being served.

3. Season and Add Flavor: Add any spices, marinades or butter to your lobster tail. You can find our recipes here.

4. Add Lobster to Air Fryer: Line your basket with foil or parchment paper (optional). Cook your lobster tail shell side down at 380°F until opaque and tender. Cook times may vary slightly, so check occasionally to avoid overcooking:

5. Cook, Serve and Enjoy: You should cook the lobster tail until it reaches an internal temperature between 135°F and 145°F. Once it does, let it cool and then enjoy!

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