Promotion, Protection and Partnership: Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative Unveils 2020 Plan

February 27, 2020

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The Collaborative continues to evolve its strategy while welcoming new board members

Portland, ME – February 26, 2020 – The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) is excited to move forward with its 2020 strategic plan, continuing to promote Maine Lobster as the sweetest most sustainably harvested lobster in the world. The plan is focused on three key categories: promotion, protection and partnership.

New for 2020, the MLMC will partner with key food service organizations and wholesalers to support the sale of Maine Lobster and educate consumers on what makes it unique. This year will also mark the introduction of an Advisory Council, comprised of culinary leaders and innovators who will provide actionable insights on the consumption of Maine Lobster. 

The 2020 plan builds upon the supply chain promotion focus of 2019, featuring resources for dealers and wholesalers including informational webinars targeting seafood distributors and food service representatives, as well as a library of digital materials to better educate and enable sales of Maine Lobster.

With consumers and diners a continued focus, the MLMC will execute two consumer-facing media moments during peak season to drive demand and awareness while highlighting the attributes of Maine Lobster.

“This year we’ll focus on our key product differentiator, the sweet flavor of Maine Lobster, along with a continued focus on sustainability,” said Marianne LaCroix, Executive Director of the MLMC. “With the support of our new board, we’re committed to expanding our program to better educate our end users, including consumers and chefs, while sharing the benefits of the entire Maine Lobster portfolio with members of the supply chain.”

An important component of this year’s plan will be protecting the Maine Lobster brand and maintaining a positive reputation. The MLMC will continue to partner with key industry representatives on a variety of issues to share the perspective of the industry, focused on audiences who buy and sell our product, and advocate for the Maine Lobster brand.  

2020 also marks the induction of a new board comprised of leaders across the industry, including new representatives from the fishery and dealer sectors as well as public members with a vested interest in Maine Lobster. 

“We are thrilled to be representing the efforts of the MLMC and are passionate about the plan for the year ahead,” said Brian Langley, board chairman. “It’s important that we continue to execute meaningful programming and deliver results, while also uniting this industry and creating a shared interest in making Maine Lobster the best tasting and most unique seafood in the world.” 

New board members for 2020 include: 

  • Lobstermen seats:
    • Bruce Fernald, Islesford
    • Katie Werner, Cape Elizabeth
    • Dustin Delano, Friendship
  • Dealer/processor seats:
    • Ben Conniff, Co-founder and chief marketing officer of Luke’s Lobster
    • Tom Adams, Founder and CEO of Maine Coast
    • Annie Tselikis, Executive director of Maine Lobster Dealers Association
  • Public seat:
    • Maile Buker, VP Marketing of Hannaford Supermarkets

They will join the existing and permanent members:

  • Sonny Beal, Lobsterman, Zone A
  • Brian Langley, Public Member and Board Chair, owner of Union River Lobster Pot restaurant 
  • Pat Keliher, Commissioner, Maine Dept. of Marine Resources
  • Jeff Bennett, Designee, Maine Department of Economic & Community Development

About the MLMC

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC), founded in 2013, is funded by Maine Lobster harvesters, dealers and processors to grow demand, both for whole live lobster and a variety of value-added products. The MLMC supports that objective by promoting the core values of the Maine Lobster industry, which are sustainability and traceability that’s deeply rooted in tradition. Maine Lobster achieved the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in 2013, allowing Maine Lobster to certify its long-standing sustainable practices. The industry has been self-regulating for more than 150 years.