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Hale Miller’s Maine Lobster Stew recipe image Hale Miller’s Maine Lobster Stew recipe image

Hale Miller’s Maine Lobster Stew






Real Butter

Whole Cream

Fresh Ground Pepper


Step 1:

Boil lobsters in seawater.

Step 2:

Cool lobsters and pick out the meat. Removing the carapace (hard upper shell), place the lobster bodies into a large pot.

Step 3:

Cover the bodies with raw whole milk. Add to crock pot or dutch oven and simmer on low heat about 180 degrees) overnight.

Step 4:

The next day, remove the lobster body mixture from heat and mash together the contents of the pot until they are coarsely mashed.

Step 5:

Strain the pot through an open mesh strainer, then strain again through a fine strainer to remove shells.

Step 6:

In a large pan, sauté the picked lobster meat and its juices in butter and season with fresh ground pepper to taste until fully heated through.

Step 7:

Combine lobster meat with body broth, adding raw whole cream and milk (adjusted to amount of meat used and creaminess preference.) On the stovetop, bring the mixture to warm, then remove from heat, carefully and constantly stirring until cool.

Step 8:

Place in refrigerator and cover with a cheese cloth to allow any remaining heat to escape. Let the mixture sit overnight and come together.

Step 9:

Before serving, reheat slowly and stir constantly, allowing heat to escape so the milk does not curdle.

Step 10:

When the stew reaches the preferred temperature, serve with fresh bread, fine wine, and enjoy!

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