Applewood Smoked Maine Lobster

By: Chef Jacky Robert, Maison Robert, Boston, MA

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4 servings


4 each 1½ lb. live Maine lobsters
½ pound clarified butter
1 pound apple wood chips


This recipe requires a hot smoker or one hotel pan with holes and another hotel pan deeper than the pierced one. A lid for hotel pan or a sheet pan will be needed to cover the hotel pans (to contain the smoke).

Soak the apple wood chips in water for ½ hour. Drain the chips and put them in the bottom of the deeper hotel pan. Insert the pierced hotel pan over the other and put both pans over a very high flame burner.

When the chips start producing smoke, put the Maine Lobsters in the top hotel pan and cover with the lid right away.

Cook the Maine Lobsters for 15 minutes and serve them split in half with clarified butter.

The Maine Lobsters this way are cooked in their natural juices, the shell protecting the meat from the heavy smoke.